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Emma Coen, PGCE, BA (Hons), Early Years Practitioner

I am a qualified teacher with a passion for literacy and teaching early literacy skills. I have spent most of my 15 year teaching career working with early years children.

I've seen first hand with children that I've taught and my own children, that reading from a very young age can have a huge impact on their range of vocabulary later on, and impacts the pace that they then learn to read and write.

My passion for literacy goes beyond the classroom and I offer tutoring for EYFS up to Year 3 primary children and can be found writing original stories for our upcoming sessions in my spare time. 

M Y  A P P R O A C H


Studies have shown that the language in picture books is richer and more diverse than the normal conversations that your young child would be exposed to.


Children who regularly hear books read to them, start school with more advanced communication and language skills and progress faster with reading and writing development. 

Our groups help to foster a love of stories and reading in a fun, stimulating and immersive way. They will leave our sessions having had a new adventure every time!

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