Interactive story-based classes for babies up to pre-school

Step into the magical world of books with adventures for children aged from 6 months to 5 years


What is My Super Stories?

We take famous and not so familiar stories, putting our years of Early Years educational experience into adapting them into exciting, engaging adventures. 

There are so many reasons to expose your little ones to books from an early an age as possible...


Weekly parent & child sessions and birthday parties


Weekly Sessions

Our weekly My Super Story parent & child classes are designed around your child and will help them to fall in love with books, expand their vocabulary and keep them entertained!


We offer unique entertainment packages for birthday parties, with our tailored stories keeping your child's friends entertained while you can get on with the important stuff


Parents Love Us

Lauren F


"My baby LOVES this class, squealing away in excitement whilst gazing up at the star lights, enjoying playing with the fun props which bring the stories to life and having fun listening to Emma reading the stories with great expression. Lovely class."

Tamara B


“I have been taking my 2.5 year old daughter to Emma’s super story classes since they started. The sessions are always engaging, imaginative, interactive and creative. My daughter always has lots of fun and looks forward to going.”

Dipti J


“A great interactive storytelling class. my daughter loved it and Emma really bought the story to life. 


Looking forward to reading new stories every week”


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